I’m told that most bears don’t have their own webpage and that this might strike visitors as somewhat unusual, so perhaps I should start by introducing myself…

My name is Willoughby Brown and I am a European Brown Bear (Ursus arctos arctos) to be precise… and definitely NOT a teddy bear. I stand at just over 4ft 10ins tall and my fur is knitted in a rather fine blend of lambswool and mohair (Rowan’s Kid Classic in shade ‘Bear’, if anyone’s interested). During working hours I can be found standing by the counter in ‘Born to Knit’ to meet and greet customers, in my role as Customer Relations Manager.

Although not a knitter myself (on account of having non-opposable thumbs, which makes the whole thing very tricky) I do have an eye for colour, and definitely appreciate the feel of quality yarn.

In 2014 I went on a really BIG adventure when I was invited to the Knitting & Stitching Show in London and Harrogate. It was all very exciting and there were THOUSANDS of people there. I had my own special plinth, so that I had a really good view… and I won a Silver Medal, and a certificate, and was taken out to a tea shop as well! There was even a picture of me in a magazine and the lady who took it wrote some very nice things about me: “With a name like Willoughby Brown you are destined for great things. From regular press coverage to a featured blog and even his own email… Willoughby is your go-to bear”!!  I’m not exactly sure what a “go-to bear” is, but I like the sound of it.

On my days off I get chance to have a go on the iPad – I have a special bear-adapted keyboard to get round the paw issue. There are all sorts of useful tips and information which I can then pass on to readers in the ‘Born to Knit’ email newsletter. If you’d like read them just pop your name and email at the bottom of any page. There’s only one a month and I am told you can unsubscribe at any time… whatever that means!

If you’re new to ‘Born to Knit’ I look forward to meeting you when you visit us for a workshop, and seeing you again soon if you’re a regular customer.

Contact me on willoughby@borntoknit.co.uk and do take one of my business cards next time you see me – apparently most bears don’t have those either…

It all goes to show that having non-opposable thumbs needn’t be a bar to making your mark!