The Wool Exchange

I wonder if your yarn stash includes any items that fit into one of these categories?

  • You went to a Knit Show this year/last year/last century and fell in love with some gorgeous yarn which you just had to take home… but in the cold light of day discovered that the colour doesn’t suit you and/or you need just one more ball for the project you had in mind.
  • You bought enough yarn to make your baby son/nephew/grandson a jacket and motored through the back and one front section. Then somehow life got in the way, and your small relation is now off to uni and wouldn’t thank you for a toddler-sized addition to his student wardrobe.
  • You bought the pattern and yarn to make yourself a lovely cardigan, only the pattern makes no sense whatsoever and after 3 attempts, you gave it up as a lost cause. You stuffed the offending article into a bag out of sight, but every now and then you come across it and feel guilty about how much the wool cost and the fact that it’ll never be finished.
  • You’ve made great progress on your knitting or crochet project, but realise that the yarn requirements stated on the pattern are hopelessly wrong, and you won’t have enough to finish it. Unfortunately that yarn was only produced in a very limited run by Tibetan monks who have since moved on to making goats’ cheese/it was discontinued years ago (which explains why it was such a good deal at the time).
  • You are planning to move house in the not-too-distant future, and your husband/partner/removals company has expressed a degree of negativity about your stash and related storage issues.
  • Your stash is beyond healthy… in fact you have enough yarn to last not only this lifetime, but well into the next as well. But you can recall when and where you bought each ball, and shudder at the thought of just throwing it away or donating it to a charity shop who won’t appreciate its loveliness.

If you recognise any of the above scenarios, help is at hand…

Born to Knit operates The Wool Exchange, which offers customers a means to sell any yarn no longer wanted.

You can either price it yourself, or leave us to do so, and then we will put it in our Sale trunk. If someone buys it, we split the proceeds 50:50 and you can either take the cash or choose to spend it on more yarn (or a workshop) that you do want!

If after two months we haven’t managed to sell your yarn, we will let you know, and you can choose either to reclaim it or we will donate it to charitable knitting projects.

There are only a couple of ‘rules’:-
Yarn needs to be composed of mostly, if not completely, natural fibres.
Yarn must be clean, unused and with ball bands intact. It doesn’t matter if the yarn or shade has been discontinued.

By its very nature, the yarn in The Wool Exchange is continuously changing; do call in to have a look what’s currently on offer!