The Wool Exchange & Sale

Given that we’re now into July, it’s obviously time to start thinking about what new yarns we might like to add to our collection for the coming Autumn/Winter season!

There are plenty of candidates, and we’ve been ‘interviewing’ them to decide which to add to our range (tough work, I know, but someone has to do it!) The results are still classified, and TOP SECRET but will be revealed over the next few months, and we’re confident will be worth the wait!

And despite the extended wool wall in our brand new space, there is still only so much room for new yarn… and so, inevitably, some of the current range will have to go to make space for it. Whilst it’s always hard to bid farewell to favourites, the plus side is that that something new and refreshing arrives to fill its place, and there are also bargains to be had as the summer wears on and new stock starts to arrive. Do pay us a visit and see what’s currently on offer in our sale trunk.

If you have anything in your stash that you no longer need, then do consider bringing it in for our Wool Exchange, and we will do our best to sell it for you. Yarn needn’t be current, just largely natural fibres, unused and with its original ball band or label.