Eco Packaging

Here at Born to Knit, we’ve always been keen to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ wherever possible, and since we opened in 2011, we’ve so far managed to pack up any parcels using recycled packaging. However, with the increase in mail order over the past couple of months, we’ve almost exhausted our supplies of pre-used plastic and jiffy bags… so we’ve been looking around for sustainable alternatives.

We are proud to introduce our very own range of Born to Knit recycled paper packaging, printed to order with vegetable-based inks here in Salisbury… so also supporting another small, local business!! As there’s even a special eco tape alternative to secure them, it ticks a lot of boxes.

So, if you live further away and/or are worried about coming to the shop in person, our mail order service is still very much an option… and your parcel may well be better-dressed than previously!