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Workshops & Events


We run regular day-time and evening Workshops suitable for the complete beginner, the novice and the more experienced knitter.

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Got a little problem?

We offer one-to-one tuition if you want individual help

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Want something informal?

We run 'Knit & Knatter' groups during the day and evening

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Born To Knit - Wool, yarns, Knitting Workshops - SalisburyAbout B2K...

It’s not too far from the truth to say I was ‘Born to Knit’! My grandmother taught me at the age of four, and the knitting habit has stayed with me ever since. I rarely leave home without it – travelling by bus or train, waiting for doctor’s or dentist’s appointments, or just sitting on a park bench in my lunch break. These all provide opportunity to put in a couple more rows, as well as being a great conversation-starter!

I’m excited by the colour and texture of hand knitting yarns, and the process of creating something beautiful and unique with nothing more than a length of wool and a couple of pointed sticks. The variety of yarn available today is greater than ever before: wool, cotton, silk, mohair, alpaca, linen, hemp and milk protein to mention just a few, and there are even yarns made from recycled clothing!

There has been a revival in interest in hand knitting in recent years – fuelled by the advent of these beautiful yarns, and also a more fashion-orientated approach to pattern design - but many of the little independent wool shops I remember from my childhood have disappeared. Although there are plenty of ‘learn to knit’ books on the market, and yarns (like anything else!) can be bought over the Internet, there is no substitute for being shown techniques in person, or the visual and tactile experience of the yarns themselves.

Until recently I worked as a Knitting Consultant for a national department store. It has always been my dream to open my own wool shop and to pass on both some of the expertise I have developed over the years, and my passion for this wonderfully creative, absorbing and relaxing craft. A workshop studio became available at Fisherton Mill, and ‘Born to Knit’ was created!

As well as a selection of fine yarns, we run Workshops and we offer advice, one-to-one tuition and Knit & Knatter sessions around the City Centre

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